Flat Tummy Tea

Flat Tummy Tea Four Weeks

Flat Tummy Tea Four Weeks


After a few weeks of thinking and when I’ve got an email that Flat Tummy Tea has 20% off for limited time, I order it in an instant. The package was arrived more than one week after. It is consist of a black pouch and inside the pouch there are two clipped plastic pouch. One pouch called “cleanse” tea and the other is “activate” tea.

Activate tea is to be consumed every morning that is why the pouch is bigger. Cleanse tea just being consumed every day on the 1st week. And after one week, we only need to have once every three days.

I kind of excited to try once the tea arrived. So I start my Activate tea on the next morning. For someone who has metabolism problem like me, the result on the first week is very good. My tummy start to get the bloat because of the contraception injection I have and even I have reduce my meal portion it did not help much. But by consuming Flat Tummy Tea on the first week I feel that it really reduce the bloat.

On the second week, the result is not as good as the first week, but I’m still excited to consume it. I even order the FT Next Subscription, but only for one month. Because the price quite expensive so I can’t keep order it.

In my opinion, I would suggest you to try it, especially for you that have problem with metabolism. Beside reduce the bloating, this tea is also a great detox tea. You will feel more fresh and healthy on the second week consuming the tea.

No regret at all!

Try it now!




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Setelah beberapa pertimbangan akhirnya aku mencoba L’oreal Extraordinary Oil ini. Salah satu pertimbangannya adalah, vitamin rambut Dove yang jadi andalan selama ini semakin susah dicari (entah kenapa, mungkin akan ganti kemasan).

Rambutku saat ini rusak parah karena sudah beberapa kali smoothing & coloring. Beberapa bagian rambutku jadi seperti rambut jagung. Tetapi ternyata serum rambut ini mampu mengatasi rambut jagungku. Bahkan menurutku lebih bagus dari Dove vitamin rambut dan vitamin-vitamin rambut yang lainnya.

Akhirnya ada juga yang bisa aku andalkan untuk mengatasi rambut jagungku.

Makarizo Texture : hair mask / creambath Terbaik


Sebetulnya sudah lama saya mendengar tentang hair mask ini. Selama ini saya baca bahwa hair mask ini wanginya sangat awet di rambut, bisa sampai 2 hari. Setelah memberanikan diri mencoba, ternyata benar wanginya sangat enak & tahan sampai 2 hari. Selain itu, rambut saya jadi sangat lembut, lebih lembut dari biasanya (biasanya saya pakai Loreal Hair Spa).


Jadi tidak heran mengapa orang-orang menyebut hair mask ini sebagai creambath terbaik, karena selain wanginya enak, hasilnya juga sangat memuaskan terutama untuk rambut saya yang sering smoothing dan diwarna.


Highly recommended !



Samsung A5 (2016)


Bali, March 26, 2016


Buying this product around one month ago at Cellular World Gatsu BaliĀ and was really satisfied with this mobile phone so far.

The model is sleek, simple and stylish (mine is the gold color).

The software is really smooth, fast and no lag at all.

The camera is vivid and clear.

The 4G connection with Telkomsel 4G is never failed, fast and reliable.

For the battery, it was enough for one day and the charger was setup to be fast charging, so the battery will be full again in one hour charging

The price is around 5 million, and it is all worth it.


So, what more do you expect from a mobile phone ?