How to Transfer A Domain From WordPress Account To Another

As we are now opening a new two bedroom villa with private pool in Seminyak, I’m buying a new domain for the villa website. However, due to some confusion, I’m buying the domain under my Joged Bali Tour wordpress account. So when I type at the web address, it goes to my page.

Realizing this mistake, I start to search in google, how I can have this domain independently. After doing some research, I got some solution, which is transfer the domain to another wordpress. So I create a new wordpress, which is so then I can transfer to the new wordpress user.

If you experience the same problem, here are the step by step for transfer the domain from one wordpress user account to another wordpress user account :

  1. Add WordPress Account No. 2 to WordPress Account No. 1 as Page Admin by click “People” – Add
  2. Click “Domain” Page WordPress Account No. 1
  3. Click the domain that we will transfer – click “transfer to another user” – put the WordPress Account Name
  4. Verify the domain by clicking on the link sent by WordPress to WordPress Account No. 2 email address
  5. Send an email to WordPress Team about the transfer. They will need to do it manually in their system.


Hope this tips helps 🙂


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