Marriage : my point of view from experience

After 8 years of marriage, the journey was not easy. However there are 4 fundamental that we should know and deeply understand, which are :

1. Love

2. Partnership

3. Commitment

4. Friendship


Let’s put a comment one by one for every point.


1. Love

This is the first fundamental. Of course we are getting married because we love each other.


2. Partnership

In build a family, we have to be partner. That is means we share the responsibility, opinion and financial. There are some cases where they can be partner. One side will feel heavier tasks and responsibility and this is not healthy for the relationship. After a few years where they can’t take it anymore, they will give up.


3. Commitment

There are many issues where one side is unfaithful to their partner. This is mostly destroy the family. Talking about commitment is easier than doing it. It will take deep goodwill from the heart to keep it.


4. Friendship

In a few cases, sometimes husband and wife prefer to discuss their feelings with other party. This is make them sometimes become unfaithful because they will become closer with other friends. So in my experience and opinion, between husband and wife they have to be best friend in order to understand each othet better.


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